The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Fun, cute, and romantic, Nicola Yoon’slatest book definitelyhas the “awww” factor! Its a YA contemporary that will give you the feels and keep you entertained! Ok. So yes there was some i16230968_426183081058186_8893793838745780224_nnstalove going on, and usually I really hate that, but with The Sun Is Also A Star it somehow seemed to work really well. It was unique and touched on some really important issues while still keeping that adorableness that keeps you smiling and turning those pages!

It follows Natasha, an immigrant from Jamaica about to be deported, and Daniel, son of Korean immigrants and a total romantic. On the day Natasha is about to be deported, they meet in New York City, and after MUCH persistence from Daniel they end up spending the day together. Natasha is doing everything she can to stop the imminent deportation of her family, and Daniel is there for a college interview…but somehow in the midst of all that they find each other. Although Daniel is definitely a lot more doe-eyed and dreamy than Natasha, they both begin to fall for each other…but it just can’t be that simple!

I enjoyed reading The Sun Is Also A Star, and I was really happy with the way the issues with immigration and deportation, family, first love, race, etc. were handled. It was powerful and moving, and put personality to some real problems! I don’t want to give too much away about the story, but the ending definitely packed a punch! And not what I was expecting at all!

If you want a YA contemporary that is both fluffy and meaningful then look no further! The Sun Is Also A Star and Nicola are taking the book community by storm at the moment so I definitely recommend you jump in on the action and pick it up!


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