The Dreamer by E.J. Mellow!

the dreamer

The Dreamer is a brilliant contemporary fantasy book that had me addicted from the first chapter – perhaps even the very first page!  It was so original, completely different to anything I’ve read before. It combines romance, action, and a totally unique look at the world of dreams. I would definitely recommend The Dreamer to anyone looking for a fun, fast paced read.

The Dreamer follows Molly, who on her 24th birthday, is struck by lightning – what a birthday present, eh? After the lightning strike, she wakes up in hospital, and everything is just that little bit different – especially when she goes to sleep! Whenever she falls asleep, Molly travels to a strange world in her dreams. In this dream-world she is brought into a new civilisation, discovers she has a coveted power, and meets the ever so handsome Dev. Sounds good, right?

I enjoyed reading this so, so much! It really did have everything going for it! A captivating story, characters you rooted for, and some romance and tension thrown in there too! Molly was definitely a likeable character – very genuine and authentic! The fact that during her waking state she was a completely normal girl worked perfectly! She wasn’t some tough, martial arts expert or anything like you find in a lot of characters these days! She was a perfectly ordinary girl with an ordinary job and friends! That’s the type of main character I support! I loved how Molly didn’t just adapt or even accept Terra at first, she was just as confused as I would be if I was suddenly dreaming of a different world! My other favourite character was Molly’s best friend, Becca. I loved her! She was a little bit quirky, but 100% a good friend! I definitely want to see more of her in The Divide! It’s always good to find a story where the love interest isn’t the only important person in our main character’s life!

But of course, the romance was a great part of the story. So in The Dreamer there is a little bit of a love triangle, but it’s not your conventional love triangle.  First there is Jared – he’s Molly’s boyfriend in the waking world. And then there’s Dev, the first person she meets when she visits Terra in her sleep. Now, I do like Jared – he seems like a really nice, genuine guy, but for me I totally ship Molly and Dev. They had a great bond, and from the start they had really intense chemistry! I didn’t feel that same connection between Molly and Jared. So yeah, I need Molly and Dev to get together in The Divide! Dev is quite the mysterious person, so I’m excited to learn more about him and his past!

The world of Terra is a fantastic place – such a unique place! A world which exists on energy from the dreams of people on earth! A world influenced by our own! And the creepy metus! I loved learning about the Nocturna, and their world, it’s so immersive. I would totally love to visit it! It sounds like a really magical place!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Dreamer! It was a brilliant start to what I’m sure will be an amazing series! I can’t wait to dive back into this world!

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