Tea and Book Club Review!

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I have wanted to subscribe to a bookish subscription box for ages now! Every month my Instagram feed is filled with wonderful pictures of subscription box hauls – Owlcrate, Uppercase, etc. But they’re often based in the US/Canada, and have crazy high shipping costs. Not that I blame them, it is silly the cost of international postage! But, it has put me off buying them!

However, recently I discovered the ‘Tea and Bookclub’ subscription box that is run by Louise over at Bookishly. I’ll leave the link to the website at the end! It’s a UK based subscription which is perfect for me – although they do ship worldwide at only a small extra cost! The box itself is very unique! Each month you receive a vintage paperback – a type of book that I’m very excited to start collecting even though my bookshelves are currently overflowing! As well as this you also get some tea to experiment with, and some great bookish stationary! I am a tea newbie but very excited to be exploring the different types! And as for stationary….well beside books stationary is my all-time favourite thing! This box is perfect for me! So of course I had to buy one!

So yesterday my box arrived, and fitted through the letterbox!! It’s always a pain having to go to the sorting office to collect a parcel! The book itself had such lovely packaging! It was wrapped inside a road map! I LOVE maps so I squealed a little when I saw it! I tried my best to carefully unwrap it but I did accidentally rip it! In future I’m going to go into surgeon mode and remove it with skill so that I can keep it haha!

The book I received was The Ladybird by D.H Lawrence. This edition was published in 1960, so over 50 years ago! I may not have heard of the book before, but I’m very excited to read it, and to add it to my collection! The cover is so nice!!

The tea is ‘Honeybush tea’ – great name!! I’ve had a little google search to find out more about it, because I’m weird and google had all the answers! It’s created by Jenier Teas, and it is a herbal tea with no caffeine! And it is meant to be really good for relaxing, and a good detox! Apparently it has a bit of a honey taste to it, so I’m very excited to give it a go!

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And the stationary that I received in this box was this set of three bookish cards! They are so pretty and have quotes on them – two are Shakespeare and are from Much Ado About Nothing, and the other is a quote by Louise May Alcott.  I will not be giving these cards to anyone, they’re too pretty! I think they’ll be in a lot of my Instagram photos for the next few weeks!

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At only £12, the bookishly box is definitely an affordable box when you compare it to some of the other popular subscription boxes! Especially if you’re from the UK since the postage is free! It’s also something a little bit different, and so nice! I’d definitely recommend this box if you’re looking to try out a subscription box!


Bookishly link –  http://www.bookishly.co.uk/

Tea and book club link – http://www.teaandbookclub.com/

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