Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco


Stalking Jack the Ripper – historical fiction, mystery, romance, steampunk…all rolled into one amazing book! Another great book to start off the year!

The story follows Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a girl with great breeding, but with a penchant for forensic medicine A girl who loves forensics and biology?! Gasp! A completely unheard concept for 1800s Britain! Audrey Rose is secretly honing her skills with a scalpel with the help of her uncle, working on cadavers of London’s deceased, when the infamous Jack the Ripper begins brutally butchering women in the city. As the corpses begin piling up in her Uncle’s laboratory, Audrey Rose gets pulled into the investigation, and she soon realises that she’s a lot closer to Jack than she could have imagined!

I just have two words for you – Thomas Cresswell! At first I thought he was going to be your typical YA love interest – broody and arrogant. But wow was I wrong! Thomas was funny, loyal, witty…and a bit of a rebellious gentleman! Definitely one for the book boyfriend list! As for the romance between Thomas and Audrey Rose, I thought it was really well done! It was a bit of a slow burn, but fitting with the manners and customs of the period! I can’t wait to see what becomes of this pair in the sequel!

One of my favourite things in the book was, of course, the stalking of Jack the Ripper! It was all very Sherlock Holmes! so I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t say too much! But I will say its really clever how it all fits together! I’d guessed Jack’s identity about half way through the book but that didn’t ruin it for me at all – I loved reading on to find out if I was right or not! I’ve read some other reviews and it seems a bit mixed as to whether people guessed the real Jack, so why not read and see if you do?!

If you love an entertaining book with a pull-you-in story line and a great leading heroine, then I’d definitely recommend Kerri Maniscalco’s debut novel! Stalking Jack the Ripper is fun, immersive, and imaginative! I’d definitely recommend you pick it up asap! 5 out of 5 stars!

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