Shadowhunters! Thoughts so far…


Shadowhunters…one of the most controversial book to TV adaptations ever! I spend a lot of time on Instagram and over there, there has been a lot of debate about how good of an adaptation it is, the characters, how well its sticking to the story etc.

Here in the UK we have to watch Shadowhunters over on Netflix so we’re a little bit behind! Right now I’m watching episode 11 “Blood Calls to Blood” as I write this! Tomorrow there will be a new episode up to watch! I try and keep up to date but I fell behind this week!

So, starting at the beginning…I thought the series started off well but I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It was definitely straying away from the book a little! And Clary – I really wasn’t a fan of her! Or at least the actress that plays her. I just can’t connect her with the character I read about in the book! However I was definitely willing to give it a shot! As the series has went on, the storyline has definitely developed a lot. But it is very different from the book, little changes that I’m worried will change the way it all plays out in the end. The ending of last week’s episode for example took a HUGE step away from the plot of City of Bones! I’m nervous but intrigued to see how that all turns out! In my head I’m trying to separate the book from the TV show, to see it as two completely different things so that I won’t compare them…but that’s so difficult!

As for the characters, there are some I’m quite ‘meh’ about and others I really love. My favourites at the moment are Alec, Magnus, Simon, and Isabelle. Alec and Magnus…sigh…I totally ship it! They are so cute! Magnus is so funny, he has so much dramatic flair! And when with Magnus, Alec is totally awkward – its adorable. Simon is hilarious, he has some great one liners, he definitely creates a lot of humour in the show. What I didn’t expect was for Hodge to be so young! I know in the book he’s described as being one of the youngest members of the Circle, but for some reason when I read the books I pictured him as an old man! So seeing him as a young – and quite attractive! – man was a bit of a shock! I’m still waiting to pass judgement on Jace, I can’t decide if I’m liking how he’s portrayed or not!

So, so far I’m enjoying watching Shadowhunters…and I literally just finished this episode and OMG!!! It’s all kicking off right now!! The only thing that would make it better would be more Malec! I need that in my life!!

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