Random Words Wednesday!

So this was meant to be posted yesterday, but right now I’m full of cold and I’ve spent the last couple of days curled up in bed sleeping, reading, and watching TV! I’m really sorry that this wasn’t posted on time, but it’s here now!

This week’s Random Words Wednesday topic is: popular films and TV that I still haven’t watched! I’ve been talking to a few people on Instagram this week about films that have a lot of hype around them, and I realised that I hadn’t watched half of them. Some of them are pretty shameful! So I just thought I’d talk a bit about them and if I have any plans to watch them at all – because some of them I really want to they just scare me!

First up is Star Wars. When I was younger I really wasn’t bothered for watching these films…but now I definitely want to. It seems like so many people are Star Wars fans, there are always people talking about it! Especially since there is a new film coming out at Christmas! And I can’t talk about it with them! I want to have opinions on them! Honestly I don’t really know much about the films, I actually get them confused with Star Trek a lot! But I definitely plan to watch them, hopefully within the next few weeks while I’m off for the Christmas holidays!

Another film series I haven’t watched is the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit! I know how shameful that is! I’ve been meaning to watch these films for years now but for some reason I just never seem to get around to it. They just intimidate me – they’re such longwinded films! But I do need to watch them for a number of reasons! First – I just genuinely want to try them! Second – everyone says they’re good and I can’t join in talking about them! And finally – I bought a Fandom of the Month box a few months ago and the fandom was The Hobbit, so I feel like I can’t wear the jewellery until I watch the films (although I do wear the earrings because they are so cool!) otherwise someone might mention the films because of the jewellery and I wouldn’t have a clue what to say! I’m thinking of watching them over the Christmas holidays as well since I’m off, hopefully I’ll see what all the hype is about!

James Bond is another set of films that I’ve never picked up. I’m not hugely into action films, although admittedly I haven’t watched many!  Quite a few of my close friends love the films so for that reasons I do want to watch them…but they’ve never really appealed to me. So yeah…I might try and give them a go, if I like it then I might watch some more of them. But I’m not really in a huge rush to watch them any time soon!

As for TV shows there are a few hyped up shows that I haven’t watched but maybe I should! The first one that comes to mind is Sherlock! Everyone seems to love Sherlock! I don’t actually know why I haven’t watched this, I’ve always meant to. I think I just missed out on it when it first came out and then ever since I just haven’t started it…but I definitely plan to soon. I think it’s on Netflix? I’ll have to have a Sherlock marathon. I really like superhero films, and lately there seems to be a lot of superhero TV shows and I need to take advantage of this! Arrow, Gotham, Agent Carter, The Flash, Jessica Jones, Agents of Shield…there are so many! And I don’t want to confuse myself by watching too many at once! But I will be watching these, I need my superhero fix!


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