Random Words Wednesday!

This week I’ve decided that my Random Words Wednesday topic is going to be about my auto-buy authors! I think everyone in the bookish community has auto-buy authors! There are just some authors whose books we buy just because those authors wrote them – we don’t even have to know what the book is about because we know they’re going to be epic! For me, a girl with a serious book buying addiction, this applies to a lot of authors! But I do have a few top favourites!

The first is Jodi Picoult, an author I’ve been obsessed with for a few years now! She mainly writes adult fiction, that looks at some really intense topics! Her books really get you thinking about things, and by the end you never know how to feel! My mum reads these books too and we always end up debating about them once we’ve finished reading one her books! So far I think she’s wrote 23 books and I’ve read at least 15 of those! I really want her to bring a new book out in 2016!

Next is Sarah J Maas! She is one of my absolute favourite YA authors, and the perfect example of an auto-buy author. I loved her Throne of Glass series, it has the best characters and one of the most well developed worlds I’ve ever read! So when it came out that she was releasing a new book, A Court of Thorns and Roses,  I knew that I had to pre-order it! I knew absolutely nothing about the book other than it had a fantastic cover, but I bought it anyway! And, of course, when I did read it I loved it! So when Sarah releases more books I will definitely be buying them!! She won’t let me down!

Last year I discovered a new favourite author! Anna Todd, the wonderful author of the new adult After series. A series that had me hooked! It was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, and for me it was definitely a 5 star series! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve still got Before on my tbr shelf waiting for me to pick it up! I promise I will do soon! I’ll most certainly be buying any and all of her future books!

The fourth author on my list is Cassandra Clare! I think she may well be the Queen of young adult books! I love, love her writing! Her Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series are some of my all time favourites – I can’t get enough of the Shadowhunter world! I am very excited for her next book, Lady Midnight to come out in March! I am also really intrigued by the new Shadowhunters TV show – but more on that in an upcoming blog post!

Finally…the last auto-buy author on my list is Marissa Meyer! The Lunar Chronicles came to an epic close recently, and I still don’t know how to feel about it! I loved the final book in the series, Winter; it wrapped everything up so well! And at over 800 pages it gave me a long goodbye with some of my favourite fictional characters! But it’s still over! And I never want the Lunar Chronicles to be over! Given that I’m in love with Marissa Meyer’s current books, I’ll no doubt be obsessed with any of her future books too! And I need more books by her…like right now!


  1. Molly says:

    Sarah J. Maas is definitely on my list! I would also buy ANY book written by Leigh Bardugo or Marie Lu. Oh, and if by some miracle, another book is published from J.R.R. Tolkien, I’d buy that too! haha 😀

    • admin says:

      I still need to read Leigh Bardugo’s books! I have all the Grisha books on my shelf! And the Lord of the Rings books too!

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