By Your Side by Kasie West!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to locked in a library overnight? Wanted to ‘accidentally’ get stuck with a room full of books? Hmm…yes! I have definitely daydreamed about this a time or two! Surely it would be fun, right? A nice comfy armchair, shelves of books, hopefully a vending machine or some
thing so we don’t starve! It all sounds like a good night to me that’s for sure. Well, wonder no more!

by your side

By Your Side follows Autumn Winters when she gets accidentally trapped in the local library for a full weekend. She was looking forward to a weekend with her friends and her crush, so getting trapped in the library wasn’t exactly at the top of her to-do list. Just as she’s starting to panic, she realises she’s not actually alone in the library – she’s trapped with Dax Miller, the mysterious, troublemaker from her school. He wouldn’t be her first choice, and he certainly doesn’t seem to want to spend much time with her either, but at least she’s not alone anymore! As the weekend pans out, things turn out to be better than they seem, and even Dax seems to warm to her. But then once they leave the library, everything all really kicks off!

I loved this book so so much! Autumn was a really easy character to like, and very relatable too! Although, I did wish she took more advantage of being trapped in the library! I mean, come on, so many books! ┬áBut not only was this my booknerd dream, it also tackled some really interesting issues too – anxiety, foster care, drugs, etc. In particular I thought the anxiety aspects were really well done! I think its great that we’re starting to see a lot more about mental health in YA books right now! And Dax…ahh Dax – he was a great love interest! I loved how there was a lot more to him – so many characters are so one dimensional, but Dax had so many layers, and was a genuine guy!

For my first ever Kasie West book I was definitely impressed! I don’t know if her other books will live up to my love for this one, but I’m definitely excited to try them out ASAP! This was a fantastic, cute, YA contemporary!

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