Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh!

burnign midnight

So today is the release day for a new YA novel – Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh! What better time is there to post a review.  I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of Burning Midnight from Netgalley so I decided to pick it up last month!

Burning Midnight is said to be a fantasy book but to me it read more like a contemporary with some dystopian elements thrown in there too! The dystopian ‘thing’ in this book are spheres – spheres that when burned give you abilities/advantages. So one day these spheres just randomly turned up all over the world, some with basic, more common abilities and others with more rarer, sought-after abilities attached to them. Our main character Sully sells spheres for a living, to try and make ends meet for his mum. After he meets Hunter, a girl with a natural talent for finding hidden spheres, they set out on a mission to find some of the rarest Spheres  to solve both of their money worries.

Overall, I enjoyed this book – in the end I decided to give it 3.5 stars. When I first read the plot for this book I was immediately intrigued, especially about the Spheres. Unfortunately it had quite a slow start, it took me a while to get into the story. But, after about 25% I definitely started to enjoy it more. I’m glad that I pushed through because it was an enjoyable story. I liked the Spheres, I thought they were an interesting twist. The way they gave those that burned them abilities was a really unique idea. So that was my favourite part of the book! However, they could have been explained better. The author didn’t really look at how the Spheres arrived, or how people figured out how to burn them etc. There just could have been a lot more explanation that would have made the Spheres a lot easier to understand. There is a big twist regarding the Spheres towards the end of the book – and I totally didn’t see it coming! Big plot twist!

As for the characters, they were a bit hit and miss for me. I liked Sully, he was kind and loyal to his mum, and his friends were nice too. But these three felt a bit flat at times! As for Hunter – I didn’t warm to her at the start and as the book went on, and her decisions became more and more stupid, I disliked her more and more! She just made the stupidest, most selfish, decisions without considering how they would affect Sully and the others. The characters overall were ok, but nothing special.

So I know I’ve ranted about Burning Midnight quite a bit, but I did like it – especially as the book progressed. And while the characters weren’t anything to write home about, the plot itself was unique and interesting. I’m curious to learn more about the Spheres, especially after the big reveal at the end! I’ll definitely be picking up the next book when its released!

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