Trusting You and Other Lies by Nicole Williams – Blog Tour!

Good Morning! I’ve got an exciting little post for you all! Trusting You and Other Lies by Nicole Williams released just a couple of days ago, and I’m very excited to be a part of the blog tour! I for one am definitely looking forward to picking up the book ASAP!

trusting you and other lies

Here is the fantastic cover! Isn’t it great?! I love it! It looks like the perfect summer read! Its safe to say this is definitely on my summer tbr! This is a YA summer romance that I’m sure will get us all swooning! I’ll post the synopsis below so you guys can see what it’s all about!

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Nicole Williams delivers a seductive summer romance worth swooning over. Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Stephanie Perkins.
Phoenix can’t imagine anything worse than being shipped off to family summer camp. Her parents have been fighting for the past two years–do they seriously think being crammed in a cabin with Phoenix and her little brother, Harry, will make things better?
On top of that, Phoenix is stuck training with Callum–the head counselor who is seriously cute but a complete know-it-all. His hot-cold attitude means he’s impossible to figure out–and even harder to rely on. But despite her better judgment, Phoenix is attracted to Callum. And he’s promising Phoenix a summer she’ll never forget. Can she trust him? Or is this just another lie?

Sounds great, right?

If you want to get your hands on the book I’m going to leave the links here for you, as well as the link for the Goodreads page!

Happy Reading! :)

Amazon Link UK

Amazon Link US

Goodreads link


April Wrap Up!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s May already! I know its a cliche, but this year really is flying by! I have to say my reading has taken a little bit of a downwards turn this year – I’ve just been so busy this year with my master’s degree that reading has had to be put on the back burner a little bit! That being said, most months I’ve still managed to read about six books. But in April I only managed three! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed all three of the books I read!         corrupt geekerella queen of the tearling

The first book I finished was Corrupt by Penelope Douglas which I gave 4 stars! As you can tell from my rating, I really enjoyed reading Corrupt! Its a new adult romance, but quite a dark one I have to say! It follows Erika, jumping back and forth between the present and a night a couple of years previously that changed her life forever. As well as a dangerous group of men that she just can’t resist being around. Its addictive, dark, and it just pulls you straight in! You should definitely try it out!

Next I read The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen! This was a reread for me, but this time round I still gave it 5 stars! I just love Kelsea so, so much. And Mace! Mace is my favourite character in the book! This is a bit of a strange one, it reads like a fantasy, but its actually set in the future in a regressed society, and it follows Kelsea as she takes her rightful place as Queen in a kingdom on the brink of war. Its the perfect mix of fantasy, politics, and fantastic characters!

And finally I read Geekerella by Ashley Poston, and another excellent book! I gave it 4 stars! This is such a cute read! Its a Cinderella retelling but in a YA contemporary setting, a first for me! Have you seen the cover? Its AMAZING! Its a really fun book, and its perfect fix for anyone with a geeky side to them! It has fandom references, conventions, cosplay…it really appealed to me! Its fast paced, fun, and so unique! 100% recommend it!

So! Those are the books I read in April! I know its not a lot, but I did really enjoy them all! And I’m hoping for a really good reading month in May. I hope you all have a great reading month too!

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By Your Side by Kasie West!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to locked in a library overnight? Wanted to ‘accidentally’ get stuck with a room full of books? Hmm…yes! I have definitely daydreamed about this a time or two! Surely it would be fun, right? A nice comfy armchair, shelves of books, hopefully a vending machine or some
thing so we don’t starve! It all sounds like a good night to me that’s for sure. Well, wonder no more!

by your side

By Your Side follows Autumn Winters when she gets accidentally trapped in the local library for a full weekend. She was looking forward to a weekend with her friends and her crush, so getting trapped in the library wasn’t exactly at the top of her to-do list. Just as she’s starting to panic, she realises she’s not actually alone in the library – she’s trapped with Dax Miller, the mysterious, troublemaker from her school. He wouldn’t be her first choice, and he certainly doesn’t seem to want to spend much time with her either, but at least she’s not alone anymore! As the weekend pans out, things turn out to be better than they seem, and even Dax seems to warm to her. But then once they leave the library, everything all really kicks off!

I loved this book so so much! Autumn was a really easy character to like, and very relatable too! Although, I did wish she took more advantage of being trapped in the library! I mean, come on, so many books!  But not only was this my booknerd dream, it also tackled some really interesting issues too – anxiety, foster care, drugs, etc. In particular I thought the anxiety aspects were really well done! I think its great that we’re starting to see a lot more about mental health in YA books right now! And Dax…ahh Dax – he was a great love interest! I loved how there was a lot more to him – so many characters are so one dimensional, but Dax had so many layers, and was a genuine guy!

For my first ever Kasie West book I was definitely impressed! I don’t know if her other books will live up to my love for this one, but I’m definitely excited to try them out ASAP! This was a fantastic, cute, YA contemporary!

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Fun, cute, and romantic, Nicola Yoon’slatest book definitelyhas the “awww” factor! Its a YA contemporary that will give you the feels and keep you entertained! Ok. So yes there was some i16230968_426183081058186_8893793838745780224_nnstalove going on, and usually I really hate that, but with The Sun Is Also A Star it somehow seemed to work really well. It was unique and touched on some really important issues while still keeping that adorableness that keeps you smiling and turning those pages!

It follows Natasha, an immigrant from Jamaica about to be deported, and Daniel, son of Korean immigrants and a total romantic. On the day Natasha is about to be deported, they meet in New York City, and after MUCH persistence from Daniel they end up spending the day together. Natasha is doing everything she can to stop the imminent deportation of her family, and Daniel is there for a college interview…but somehow in the midst of all that they find each other. Although Daniel is definitely a lot more doe-eyed and dreamy than Natasha, they both begin to fall for each other…but it just can’t be that simple!

I enjoyed reading The Sun Is Also A Star, and I was really happy with the way the issues with immigration and deportation, family, first love, race, etc. were handled. It was powerful and moving, and put personality to some real problems! I don’t want to give too much away about the story, but the ending definitely packed a punch! And not what I was expecting at all!

If you want a YA contemporary that is both fluffy and meaningful then look no further! The Sun Is Also A Star and Nicola are taking the book community by storm at the moment so I definitely recommend you jump in on the action and pick it up!


Damage Control by Lisa Renee Jones

So, first off, this review contains spoilers for Hard Rules! Be warned! But its spoiler free for Damage Control!

Damage Control is the second book in Lisa’s Dirty Money series, and wow what a sequel it was! I’ve read a few of Lisa’s books now and this series is definitely shaping up to by my favourite! I gave the first book 4.5 stars and this one a solid 4! I’d definitely recommend it – its the perfect mix of  romance, mystery, and excitement. Go on, read it!

A little synopsis for you! Damage Control[411]

The only thing more dangerous than a dark secret is a damaged heart… 

Shane Brandon has been pushed to the brink, torn between his corrupt family and his explosive, all-consuming desire for Emily Stevens, who he now knows is not who, and what, she seems. Has he trusted the wrong person? Will she, not his brother Derek, be the ultimate destruction of his family Empire.

Emily tries to run from Shane, but he will stop her, confront her, force her to reveal all – one hot touch and kiss, at a time, under every intimate detail of who this woman is, and what she wants, is exposed. But as he tears away the dangers of the unknowns with the woman in his bed, and in his heart, The Martina Cartel, has set their sights on his company, his family, and the one piece of leverage they believe he won’t gamble with: Emily.

The story picks up after the cliff hanger that Hard Rules left on – thankfully after that I could immediately pick this one up! There was a lot of character development going on in Damage Control, particularly for Emily. We found out a lot more about her past in this instalment of the series and, in my opinion, we saw a much stronger side of her! I find that sometimes in romance books the girl is weak and has little personality…those books really annoy me…but that wasn’t the case here at all! And not just Emily too, I loved that there were a lot of really strong female characters in the Dirty Money series – I loved Jessica and Shane’s mum is really clever!

The plot thickens further in Damage Control, with more secrets coming to light about Brandon Sr, and Derek’s involvement with a drugs cartel. Its intense! Every time I think I have the story all figured out something happens and I have to rethink all my ideas! It definitely kept me on my toes. And alongside the swoon-worthy romance between Emily and Shane I really couldn’t have asked for more!

And of course I’m so excited to learn more in the next book which comes out in August!! I’m sure it’s going to be just as good!!

UK amazon link –

US amazon link –


Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco


Stalking Jack the Ripper – historical fiction, mystery, romance, steampunk…all rolled into one amazing book! Another great book to start off the year!

The story follows Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a girl with great breeding, but with a penchant for forensic medicine A girl who loves forensics and biology?! Gasp! A completely unheard concept for 1800s Britain! Audrey Rose is secretly honing her skills with a scalpel with the help of her uncle, working on cadavers of London’s deceased, when the infamous Jack the Ripper begins brutally butchering women in the city. As the corpses begin piling up in her Uncle’s laboratory, Audrey Rose gets pulled into the investigation, and she soon realises that she’s a lot closer to Jack than she could have imagined!

I just have two words for you – Thomas Cresswell! At first I thought he was going to be your typical YA love interest – broody and arrogant. But wow was I wrong! Thomas was funny, loyal, witty…and a bit of a rebellious gentleman! Definitely one for the book boyfriend list! As for the romance between Thomas and Audrey Rose, I thought it was really well done! It was a bit of a slow burn, but fitting with the manners and customs of the period! I can’t wait to see what becomes of this pair in the sequel!

One of my favourite things in the book was, of course, the stalking of Jack the Ripper! It was all very Sherlock Holmes! so I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t say too much! But I will say its really clever how it all fits together! I’d guessed Jack’s identity about half way through the book but that didn’t ruin it for me at all – I loved reading on to find out if I was right or not! I’ve read some other reviews and it seems a bit mixed as to whether people guessed the real Jack, so why not read and see if you do?!

If you love an entertaining book with a pull-you-in story line and a great leading heroine, then I’d definitely recommend Kerri Maniscalco’s debut novel! Stalking Jack the Ripper is fun, immersive, and imaginative! I’d definitely recommend you pick it up asap! 5 out of 5 stars!

Black Hearts by Karina Halle – Cover Reveal!

So I have a very exciting little post for you guys today! A cover reveal! It’s for Karina Halle’s upcoming release, Black Hearts! Karina is one of my favourite authors, and she’s just such a lovely, lovely person. I always get so excited before one of her releases, and I’m always in awe of the covers! EVERY SINGLE TIME! They’re fabulous! SO…let’s get on with it! Here it is…the cover for Black Hearts!

black hearts photo

Isn’t it great? It definitely makes me want to read the book even more!! Its a spin off to Karina’s other series, Sins and Needles and Dirty Angels, but it can be read as a standalone! So there is no excuse not to pick this one up when it comes out later in the month! I’ll be reading and reviewing the book sometime soon, so keep your eye out for that!


Roseblood by A.G Howard!

Now, we may only be a month into 2017, but I’ve already read one of my favourite books of this year! Roseblood by A.G Howard! It was one of my most anticipated releases of this year, and I can definitely say it didn’t disappoint!

2017-01-16 10.03.31-2

Roseblood is a YA retelling of The Phantom of the Opera, and its full of lyrical language, intriguing characters, and a fascinating storyline! Rune Germain is a teenage girl with a haunting, beautiful compulsion to sing opera. It may sound like a blessing, a talent, but for Rune it feels like a curse. Once she hears the music she can’t help it, she just has  to sing. It’s caused her nothing but problems, especially since the death of her father a few years earlier. Sent to a private music conservatory in France to try and get some control over her talent, Rune is thrust into a dangerous game of  music, romance, and, of course, the Phantom.

So, I was a little apprehensive going into this because I’ve never actually read/watched Phantom of the Opera…so I was worried it might just go over my head a little bit. But, I needn’t have worried because really there was no need to have any prior knowledge of the Phantom, it all just flows nicely into the story! So if you’re hesitant to pick up Roseblood because of that then you really don’t have to worry about it! It has definitely made me want to watch the film ASAP!

I love A.G Howard’s writing style – it’s really beautiful, and wordy in a way that isn’t too wordy! And the plot is original and super imaginative. It’s a bit of a slowburn, but in the best way. You really get a feel for the Conservatory, for Rune and her friends, for Thorn and the Phantom. Considering this is a standalone, I felt like it was absolutely full of imagery and detail without leaving you feeling like you’re drowning in it! If it wasn’t for the creepy Phantom and the fact that I have no musical talent whatsoever, I would LOVE to have gone to school somewhere like this!

I don’t want to give too much away about the romance or Thorn…I think maybe it’s better to just go into it and enjoy it! Either way, I really liked their romance! One of my other favourite things about Roseblood was that it wasn’t all about the romance. Friendships and family play a big role in Rune’s life and that’s definitely reflected in the story. Her friends were great! They supported Rune, worried about her, tried to help her out in dangerous situations…definitely the sort of friends you’d want if you’re being lured in by a creepy Phantom intent on your death!

Overall, I gave Roseblood 4.75/5 stars! I thought it was exciting and imaginative….and I’m still absolutely amazed by the cover! I’d definitely recommend it to both the Phantom fans, and the Phantom newbies like me! Go on, give it a read!

Belated 2017 Goals!

goals image

Wow. Another year gone. 2016 went by so quickly, I can’t believe its 2017 already. So I’m not usually one for doing New Year’s Resolutions – I ALWAYS FAIL! But…I feel like since 2016 wasn’t the best of years for me I need to try and make 2017 a good one. Combine that with my love for organisation and BAM! Time for some 2017 goals! 😉 ok, maybe that was a tad dramatic! But it’s true, I definitely want to set myself some goals for this year.

So what do I have planned for the upcoming year? Well, in 2016 I managed to read a few classics and really enjoyed them…but I want to read a whole lot more. I have two shelves full of beautiful editions of classic books and only a handful have been read. One of my goals for this year has to be to make some progress with that. Some of my top classic tbr books are Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Persuasion by Jane Austen, The Wizard of Oz by Frank L Baum….I could go on and on! I’m going to aim to read at least one classic every month!

Another goal for 2017 is to use my blog more. Ok, so I completely neglected Bookish Wonderland for the last few months and that has to change! I love writing reviews and just generally fangirling over books so I want to get back to that this year. I have some really exciting things planned so keep an eye out! While I’d love to say I can commit to posting two or three times a week I really can’t promise that. University is just too much sometimes and I just know I can’t do that…but I want to update it at least once a week. Anymore and it’s a bonus right?

What else? Oh yes, my goodreads goal! Well this year I’m setting my goal at 100 books. In 2016 I read 132 books, and in 2015 I read 213 books…so you never know I might get higher! But I don’t want to set myself up with a completely unachievable goal when I know how busy 2017 is going to be for me. I just have to keep telling myself “READ! READ! READ!”

And my final goal, at least for now, is to keep myself involved in the book community! I’m obsessed with bookstagram, its like a therapy for me! For the past couple of years it has been nothing but supportive of me and I am so, so grateful for it!

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Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole – blog tour!


Its finally in the world!! Yes, Deep Redemption is here! And it is glorious!

Deep Redemption is the fourth book in the dark and addicting Hades Hangmen series, a much anticipated release for me! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I finished Souls Unfractured last year. What’s even more exciting is that I get to be a part of the blog tour!

I loved being back in the world of the Hades Hangmen, although this book has a greater focus on Rider/Prophet Cain and the religious commune. Cain has spent all his life in seclusion, training to be the next Prophet, with only his twin brother for company. Shielded from the worst parts of the commune, he’s now questioning his entire life and the religion he was always part of, as we
ll as dealing with his brother’s betrayal. Beaten and locked away, Cain encounters Harmony – another captive of the commune – and while he falls for her, things go from bad to worse in New Zion.

He was born to ascend.

He wasdestined to lead.

He was never meant to fail.

This book was just as dark and intense as the previous three books, in fact in some parts it was probably a bit darker! I love the dark intensity of these books – they hook me from start to finish!! I’d highly recommend them for anyone wanting to read a romance unlike any other! Definitely a 5/5 star series!

Here are the Amazon links!

Amazon Link UK

Amazon Link US